Lalicat use lumiproxy

Step 1

Configure proxy

Install the Lalicat

1. First, navigate to the official Lalicat home page

 2.Download Settings.

3.Run the installation setup and follow the instructions.

4.Configuring Agent

5. When the setup are complete, start the application, create a new account and then log in.

6.On the home screen, press Browser list, and then click + Add Browser to configure a new browser instance.


Fill in the profile name and select the analog OS and other settings considered necessary for the upcoming task.


Choose HTTP or SOCKS5 and fill in the following information based on your proxies.

7. Enter the user name and password. You can create and manage your agent sub-users using our all-in-one dashboard.

8. By clicking on the advanced settings below, you can customize the wider range of options to fully personalize your browser fingerprint for this particular instance.

9. Check the agent by pressing to ensure that your agent is running correctly and that the dedicated location is as expected.

10. Finally, click Save to complete the configuration and run the browser

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