SuperBrowser Configuration Tutorial
2023-06-13 16:56:01

SuperBrowser is a cross-border e-commerce seller security multi-account management tool; Based on the deep development of the Chromium kernel, hundreds of optimizations comprehensively improve the speed of web browsing. Based on the concept of "cloud security", Purple Bird Browser creates an open platform; Purple Bird Browser deeply integrates cross-border ecological core media, tools, and traffic resources, solves the cross-border access problem of cross-border users in one stop, and integrates three major functions of information, tools, and privileges.

1.Open and log in to the official lumiproxy website


2.Click Get Proxy in the toolbar


3.Enter the username, password, product type, and remarks, and click Confirm


4.Select the account you just created and set a random session.Select individual or bulk information as needed.


7.Purple Bird Fingerprint Browser Configuration IP Tutorial

Register and log in to the Yangtao browser system, and select individual add in the Device Management - Select Own Device function


8.Click Auto Generate, select dynamic network attribute, and fill in the agent type, device address or domain name in turn


9.Finally, click Detect and successfully add your own deviceproxysite

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