Unlimited Residential Proxy Features
Fast Static Residential Proxies are now available for all LumiProxy customers.
Unlimited Use & Area
With our unlimited plan, you get unlimited traffic.Random countries and regions, account encryption mode supports country selection.
Real residential IPs
Real residential IPs, randomly assigned in more than 150 countries around the world, no need to worry about IP failure.
High Anonymity
Send requests and collect data using highly anonymous proxies. The real residential IP allows you to obtain real data.
Fast Residential Proxy
Static Residential proxies are faster alternative to standard residential proxies. With speeds up to 1Gbps.
Dedicated Proxy Server
All our unlimited plan users get a dedicated proxy server, which ensures that no one is sharing server bandwidth with everyone else.
Transparent Billing
Unlimited bandwidth and concurrency, unlimited traffic usage, no additional charges.
Why Customers prefer LumiProxy Unlimited Residential Proxies
  • lumiproxyHighest quality data
  • lumiproxyBest network uptime
  • lumiproxyFastest output
  • lumiproxySuperb 24/7 live human support
Best Performing
The highest success rate in the industry
Global IP Resources
Of over 90 million IPs from 195 countries
Most Reliable
Enterprise-grade scaling
100% compliant residential proxy network
LumiProxy has the widest, fastest and stable residential IP coverage in the industry, and all IPs are compliant. You can freely view any geo-restricted website content using these completely clean and compliant IPs. You can also use these IPs for long-term network sessions, allowing you to collect any web page data without being blocked or delayed.
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10.000+ Clients Trust Us lumiproxy
As someone who requires multiple IP service providers, finding the right one was a tiresome process. However, using an IP proxy for website testing has made my life incredibly easy. Do give using an IP proxy for website testing a try!
Eric Dennis
This time we are very satisfied with the cooperation with Lumi. We purchased residential proxies and they performed very well.Their service attitude is also very perfect, careful for me to answer the question.
I can compare several suppliers through a platform and choose one that provides the best value. Try using an IP proxy for website testing, and you won't regret it!
Companies boost their business with Unlimited Residential Proxies
Brand Protection
Brand protection prevents brand abuse.Lumi will get you to the desired content anywhere on earth and keep you safe from unwanted IP bans.
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Track unlimited competitors from any geo-location at zip-code level using real-time eCommerce data. Gain insights into product offerings, pricing strategies, and more!
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Ad Verification
Highly reliable, whitelisted proxies from Lumi enable you to securely and anonymously improve ad performance, detect fraud, of your competitors.
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SEO Monitoring
With high-quality residential proxies from Lumi, you can easily collect and analyze valuable SEO data to stay ahead of the competition in search engines.
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Top Residential Proxy Locations
Flexible Unlimited Proxies pricing
Pick a plan that suits you. Get ahead with unblockable and stable proxies.
IP amount
Up to 2 hours sticky sessions
Dedicated server
Country selection
Frequently asked questions
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