Kinetic by Windstream Proxies
It's no secret that no two internet service providers are the same. Providers like Kinetic by Windstream are considered better than others, depending on various factors. These include internet speed, reliability, pricing, customer service, and more.
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About Kinetic by Windstream Proxies
The critical factor that makes a particular ISP more desirable than others is how much it restricts internet access. This is where Kinetic by Windstream stands out as the most sought-after provider for proxy server users.
How ISPs Restrict Internet Access

ISPs also have different policies related to restricting certain online activity. Some ISPs block certain websites, which can be a huge issue for proxy users. While these sites usually host adult content or offer games of chance, some ISPs take it a step further.

The ones with the most stringent policies block access to social media platforms, news sites, and more. Blocking specific ports is also a fairly popular practice, severely limiting the way users can access and use the internet.

Hence, being able to select the ISP your proxies come from is critical for certain users. Lumiproxy offers you a chance to use only proxies from Kinetic by Windstream. Here's how!

How Do We Ensure That You Will Use Kinetic by Windstream IPs?

Our residential proxy pool offers countless Kinetic by Windstream proxies, so our clients don't have to worry about downtimes and IP blocking. You can get access to the data you need with Kinetic by Windstream proxy servers from the locations that work with this provider.

We offer ISP filtering, so getting only Kinetic by Windstream proxy servers from our pool is as easy as clicking a button. However, to prevent any abuse and preserve the integrity of our network, this option is not enabled for new users by default.

Why Would You Need Kinetic by Windstream Proxies?

If you need to access the internet through X IP addresses, you're in the right place. All proxies increase security and privacy, but using an Kinetic by Windstream IP can take it a step further. You can use communication protocols that might be blocked by other ISPs and access content only available to Kinetic by Windstream users.

Why Should You Use LumiProxy Services for Kinetic by Windstream Proxies?

With over 90M ethically-sourced residential proxies worldwide, Lumiproxy is the go-to choice for genuine Kinetic by Windstream proxy servers. Our LumiProxy residential proxies offer:

  • One of the best value/price ratios in the market
  • Precise (country, state, and city-level) geo-targeting
  • Advanced session control
  • 99.67% success rate
  • 24/7 support

All of these features come at great prices and huge discounts if you order traffic in bulk. Most importantly, your Kinetic by Windstream proxy traffic doesn't expire. Once purchased - it's yours until you spend it. There are no monthly contracts or any other limitations.

Flexible Pricing Plans
Residential Proxies Pricing
25M+ active IPs updated every day with 99.9% success rate.
Residential Proxies
$ 0.8 /GB
200M+ excellent residential Proxy
99.99% uptime - extremely stable
Avg. 0.6s response time
Avg. 99.95% success rates
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Unlimited Residential Proxies
$ 76 /Day
Unlimited number of IPs & Traffic
50+ regions worldwide
Automatic proxy rotation
Unlimited concurrent sessions
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Static Residential Proxies
$ 6 /IP
100% Real Residential IP Address
Unlimited traffic
Advanced Static IP
Infinite Bandwidth And The Session
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