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SMS-Activate — a leader in the market of virtual numbers
2024-05-29 11:28

SMS-Activate is known in the sphere of traffic arbitrage and marketing as a reliable provider of virtual numbers. It is an international project that is characterized by high technology level and wide functionality. Its team is completely aware of mass registrations, arbitrage and business based on accounts: it is the best choice when success of activations is directly related to income. 

 SMS-Activate is also a great choice for receiving one-time passwords (for example, to get a discount) The website's interface is intuitive even if you use it for the first time. In addition, you can quickly receive an SMS with a code in your mobile or desktop application.

Advantages of SMS-Activate

It is a true legend in the sphere, 9 years of continuous development, 10 million users from all over the world. All these facts prove the authority and reliability of SMS-Activate. But you, as a potential customer, are more interested in your actual benefits: let's focus on them.

The largest volume of numbers on the market

A wide network of suppliers from 180 countries ensures a high quantity of available numbers even for the top services. Regular supplies by reliable suppliers, diverse geography. All this is the result of a long term strategy and determined ambitions.

Numbers available even in the period of shortage

SMS-Activate has developed and implemented a system that maintains a balance between supply and demand. You can set your own price to purchase a certain number, even if the main pool of numbers is exhausted. The Free Price option has really changed the virtual numbers market.

Registrations in any services

You can apply the number even for some sites that are not represented on the list. Just choose “Any other” instead of the service name and specify the corresponding country. In addition, you can send a request to add a service and get more favorable prices for regular wholesale purchases.

Wholesale prices and discounts

SMS-Activate is focused on both one-time routine registrations and expert work. It is obvious that the price offer cannot be the same for these purposes. The loyalty program is built in such a way that a user receives special wholesale prices when they top up their balance with 1000 rubles. Advancement in the loyalty program ensures more and more favorable conditions: you will get discounts of up to 70% on Free Price and other bonuses.

Customer service 24/7

The level of support team work can also be related to the competitive advantages of SMS-Activate. You will be pleased with the fast response time and managers who really intend to solve your problems. The support team handles requests in different languages at any time. A personal manager is provided for customers with high turnover.

Additional features also worth mentioning: 

  • Numbers for rent;
  • Verification by incoming call number;
  • Disposable email;
  • API integration with any software;
  • A wide range of partner software;
  • Possibility to buy a ready-made account, etc.

SMS-Activate timely adapts to the market needs and satisfies any issues related to multi-accounting.

How to make the first activation?

To start using the platform, sign up and top up your balance using any of the suggested ways. Then:

  1. Choose the name of the service for registration in the left menu;
  2. Select the country, specify the necessary quantity of numbers;
  3. Click on the “Cart” icon;
  4. Your number will appear in the “Activations” tab: copy it for further use;
  5. The requested code will appear to the right of the number.

If you can't receive a code for a long time, try to replace the number (the corresponding button in the activation card will become active in 2 minutes). In case an SMS is not delivered, the money will be returned to your balance.   

We hope that the above information will be useful to you. The sphere of mass registrations for effective work requires not only experience and knowledge, but also reliable tools. SMS-Activate is a predictable service, using which you can be sure to anticipate the results of your work. 

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